Our selection of conditioners are carefully chosen. We try to pick the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products in every category.

This is specifically important when it comes to selecting what conditioners we should, because conditioner is still the one of the most used hair care products globally. If you think about it, basically everyone uses a conditioner. Or at least they should! So when making our stock choices, we not only select based on highest grade and quality but also on eco-consciousness. With Davines we found a partner that uses food grade plastic in all its shampoo and conditioning packaging. Oligo is produced in Quebec and local to us so we maintain a low carbon footprint. Hanz De Fuko uses some organically produced ingredients and is water soluble using less petroleum based products than other other traditional “men’s” line out there. We hope you find our selection as awesome as we do! And encourage you to seek help finding what you need by clicking the chat link in the bottom right corner of the screen. We’re here to help.