Are you washing hair?2020-07-30T10:21:33-04:00

Yes!  We are washing hair as a preventative measure but also to ensure we can continue to provide you the best service possible!

Are you blow drying hair?2020-07-30T10:21:40-04:00

Yes! Since 2009 we have had a medical-grade air filtration system in our salon that is proven to kill bacteria, viruses, and other airborne pathogens.  We have since invested in a second unit so that we have one on each floor that are cleaning and circulating the air in our space through a six-stage filter every 15 minutes.  Hairdryers are also only used on clean hair to ensure any air circulating in our space, is free from bacteria.


Where are you located?2020-07-30T10:25:08-04:00

We are just north of Jane subway station

Where can I park?2020-05-26T14:04:38-04:00

There is free parking available on the surrounding side streets, as well as along Jane st.
Please note that parking will vary from 1hr – 3hrs depending on the street.

On the east side of Jane st. (where the shop is located) parking is available from 9am – 9pm.

On the west side of Jane st. parking is available 9am – 4pm, 6pm – 9pm.
You are not able to park on the west side during rush hour.

What is the difference between partial and full highlights?2020-05-26T14:04:06-04:00

A partial highlight will focus on the hair that you see when you wear your hair down (e.g. around the face, the top of the head).  Typically the underneath is sectioned out leaving room for depth and dimension.  If you often wear your hair up, we usually like to add a couple of foils at the nape to create the illusion of a full highlight.

Full highlights are placed throughout the entire head to create a brighter, lighter, overall look.

Why do I have to come in for a colour consultation?2021-08-18T16:40:28-04:00

We require new clients wanting colour come in for a colour consultation prior to booking their service appointment.  This is one of the most important steps to ensure that both you and your stylist know what you want and that we are able to book sufficient time to create your custom colour.
Each person is unique and we tailor our services and timing to the wants and needs of our clients.  Without proper consultation, we cannot guarantee that you will have an appointment with enough time to execute your desired service.

Will my stylist colour and cut my hair?2020-05-26T14:04:31-04:00

At evoke salon, our stylists specialize in either cutting OR colouring.  By specializing, we are able to provide you with the best possible service in both areas.

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