Our technicians love what they do and do it sustainably, they are some of the best trained and most professional in the business, but it is their passion for their craft that sets them apart.

If you are new to us as a colour client, we require a consultation in order to book any service.

Although this can be inconvenient at times, it is an integral part of our service. Our reason for this simple, our colour experiences are always crafted around you and your specific wants, needs, goals and hair texture/type.


Includes blow dry
Colour Retouch $81 +
Solid Colour $101 +
Toner $51 +
(Does not include a blow dry)
Toner and a Blow Dry $76 +


Includes toner and blow dry
Mini Highlights $96 +
Partial Highlights $126 +
Full Highlights $156 +



Includes toner and a blow dry
Mini Balayage $116 +
Partial Balayage $165 +
Full Balayage $216 +


Natural Colour

Includes blow dry
Colour Retouch $101 +
Solid Colour $121 +
Toner $71
(Does not include a blow dry)

Toner and Blow Dry $96

Fashion Colours

Requires a consultation


Each of our colour services include the following:

* A detailed consultation that encompasses scalp health, hair condition, hair density, goals, and budget. We believe in full transparency.

* Custom formulation and detailed maintenance plan for your colour.
* A precise application designed for you and your hair goals.
* A hot towel shampoo and scalp massage
*A rough dry and simple styling are included in your colour price, alternatively
should you require a more in depth style we recommend booking that with a stylist.

All colour pricing is determined during a consultation, and is based on time and product use.

Your technician will coach you to achieving and maintaining the colour you have in mind, by recommending green professional products that are proven to increase longevity and shine. 

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