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evoke has been focused on sustainability since the early 2000s, but what does that mean? Anyone can claim to be a sustainable salon, but the truth is that that is up to everyone’s own personal interpretation of what being “green” means. At evoke we constantly have the environment in mind when making any business decision. For us, it’s not enough to stock and carry a product line that makes that claim yet does not carbon offset its shipping footprint. Or even worse, to carry that product line but not recycle the used in salon containers properly. Sustainability to us is a lifestyle change, because of the simple fact that it is ever-evolving. What were great sustainable practices last year have probably changed this year, or at the very least have been built upon. It’s about genuinely caring about the practice and not greenwashing.

How is evoke a Green Salon?

Some examples of this can be very practical in nature, as an example: choosing to use a colour range that offers bulk sizing like 6 applications per canister, instead of 3 applications per tube will lower your overall carbon footprint. Choosing to use a company that provides an out of faucet water filtration/carbonation system, instead of buying bottled water by the case will also lower your footprint. Or using an Eco Head faucet at the washbasin instead of a traditional faucet has lowered our water consumption to 60g per minute instead of 100g. We send e-receipts and only print our business cards on paper made of recycled materials.

Others are more direct methods, such as partnering with a recycling company that ensures salon waste in properly disposed of or recycled. We have been with Green Circle Salons since 2009 and have kept hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hair away from landfills. Some would think that hair isn’t all that harmful, however, hair is actually one of the WORST things that can end up in landfill consider it takes literally an eternity to decompose ( think Mummies). Green Circle also ensures that our foils used in colour processing are able to truly be recycled (City collection will not accept highlighting foil because of leftover colour). We are also proud to carry products that share in the sustainable ethos. Davines Haircare is the single most sustainable mass-produced hair care brand in the world and is the only one to attain coveted B-Corp status.

Our Sustainable Journey

However, the thing that makes evoke truly a sustainable salon and business is that this list is never going to be complete. As things evolve and change you can expect that we will be committed to improving and growing in the eco salon space. The truth is we do it for us and for our children because its the right thing to do: but we’re happy you like it too 😉

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